Making an Impact

Bridging aging, health, crisis response, and social justice


Allison Gibson, MSW, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gibson is an Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky's College of Social Work. She is an Affiliate Faculty with the UK Center for Equality and Social Justice, UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, and the UK Graduate Center for Gerontology

Dr. Gibson’s research focuses on the relationship between aging, health, crisis response, and social justice. For example, her work has supported persons diagnosed with MCI to engage in adaptive, healthy behaviors in an effort to delay onset into Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Her work has also considered the role of interdisciplinary teams of emergency responders for older persons that are high utilizers of 9-1-1 and healthcare services. Further, she has explored the role of financial stress for older adults following a natural disaster.


Allison Gibson, MSW, PhD


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